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New FLTC Group Videos

The first video “FLTC – Group So Far” gives an overview of the Group and its activities since FLTC was established in 2007.

The second video “FLTCS – FishSAFE” provides information about the FishSAFE Companion App which has been launched and can be downloaded for Android tablet devices via the Google Play Store.

Just Search for “FishSafe” in the app stores and hit the download button and a version for Apple devices is available in Apple App store.

The videos below show how the app works.

The FishSAFE Companion App

The FishSAFE Project

Kingfisher Fishermen’s Training – Offshore Awareness (OIL & GAS)

New version of FishSAFE unit

The much enhanced latest version of the FishSAFE unit will be available in late spring 2020. This version incudes substantial improvements to provide fishermen with the benefit of a state of the art aid to safety. Previous versions of the unit have proved invaluable with sales of over 300. The European Union and the Scottish Government have awarded grants to support the project.