Kingfisher Bulletin

The Kingfisher Bulletin, which is financed by FLTCS, provides essential information on offshore oil and gas operations.

The Kingfisher Bulletin contains information about potential fishing hazards posed by the offshore oil and gas, subsea cable, renewable energy and marine aggregates industries, including information such as seismic survey operations, seabed activity, field developments, rig moves, suspended well amendments, installation schedules, possible seabed hazards, deployment of buoys and more.

It is also used to notify fishermen of updates to other Kingfisher publications and new products as they become available.

For over 30 years, the Bulletin has been supplying information to fishermen to help reduce the likelihood of conflict, and to impact and improve the safety of fishing vessels and their crews fishing in areas of development.

The Bulletin is distributed electronically and can be accessed on laptops, tablets and mobile phones and also via the Kingfisher website.  The electronic version of the Bulletin has proved to be very popular with fishermen.  Facilities include the option to define sea areas in which they are interested, thus enabling them to pinpoint data of particular concern.

New version of FishSAFE unit

The much enhanced latest version of the FishSAFE unit are now available. This version includes substantial improvements to provide fishermen with the benefit of a state of the art aid to safety. Previous versions of the unit have proved invaluable with sales of over 300. The European Union and the Scottish Government have awarded grants to support the project.