FishSAFE In The News

29 January 2015

Articles about the new FishSAFE Companion App have appeared on TV, newspapers and websites all around the world.

At the latest count, the story has been shared by 33 forms of social media, covered on 27 websites, been in six relevant newspapers, been heard by BBC Radio Aberdeen listeners, and watched by STV Aberdeen News viewers.

So, thousands of people ranging from the North-east and Highlands of Scotland, from Glasgow to Grimsby, from Norway and Iceland, have heard or read about the FishSAFE Companion App.

The App, which is designed to complement FishSAFE Information and the FishSAFE unit which provide North Sea fishermen with detailed information about oil and gas-related potential hazards in UK waters, was launched last week and a media campaign was started around the event.

Quotes were obtained from the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, Oil & Gas UK, and Richard Lochhead, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and the Environment, and a photocall was held at the App’s launch at Aberdeen University.

Media turned up for the event and the coverage for the launch of the FishSAFE Companion App was gained afterwards.

The App forms part of the FishSAFE Information Project. FishSAFE Information is made available by FLTC Services Limited and the FishSAFE Information Project is also funded by FLTC Services Ltd. Its costs are supported by substantial grants awarded by the Scottish Ministers and the European Union through the European Fisheries Fund which is thereby investing in sustainable fisheries.